Inspire to Aspire


Economic Growth
Academic Achievement
Rewards: Personally and Collectively
Networks: People, Corporations & Government

Economic Growth

Improve community conditions and create jobs by encouraging investments in infrastructure and public works projects.

Academic Achievement

Train people to work in different economic markets through internships and apprenticeship programs.


Benefits vary based on the entity.
Government benefits by building a strong working-class in underserved communities.
Corporations benefit by receiving tax credits and growing their qualified applicant pools.
People benefit by improving social outcomes and receiving valuable workforce career training.


The network is comprised of stakeholders that have a vested-interest in improving the viability of these underserved communities. It involves partnering with: healthcare professionals, law enforcement officials, educators, corporations, non-profits, churches, federal, state and local governments, and the people.


The goal of the plan is to improve economic outcomes by academically training people for a career, rewarding participation in the program and building a cooperative network between government, corporations and people.
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