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About the EARN-IT Program

EARN-IT provides a new vision for dealing with existing socioeconomic challenges in underserved districts across America like Texas Congressional District 30. Over the past few months, government strategies intended to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus such as implementing mandatory stay-at-home orders and enforcing business closures has now attributed to the highest unemployment rate in the U.S. since the Great Depression. Although the pain experienced by the economic crisis was equally felt across the U.S., those in underserved districts faced far greater financial hardships. In fact, the economic impact of the coronavirus crisis coupled with persistent ideas of inequality and injustice set the stage for national protests in the wake of the George Floyd murder. Consequently, riots ensued across the country that are now estimated to result in billions of dollars in property loss.

EARN-IT recognizes that difficult times lie ahead and solutions can only occur with new and bold ideas for socioeconomic change. The only way for America to stabilize its economy is to reinvest in a system that works for everyone. Over the last 40 years, economic recovery from recessions have been inconsistent, having significant benefit for the upper-class; while minimally providing opportunities for lower- and middle-class communities. In 2020, we face the direst economic crisis since the Great Depression; this plan seeks to change that trend. Unlike other economic recovery plans that solely rely on more government aids, EARN-IT focuses on leveraging relationships, ideas and opportunities for the mutual benefit of economic success.

EARN-IT is a fluid plan that seeks to provide an inclusive approach to addressing the systemic socioeconomic issues that have plagued Texas Congressional District 30 for nearly three decades and similar underserved congressional districts across the country. As events in the district evolve, so will the plan and its methodologies for addressing those emergent issues.

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