EARN-IT USA Foundation


The EARN-IT Program has 5 key components: (1) Economic Growth, (2) Academic Achievement through Education, (3) Social Rewards, (4) Network Building, & (5) Workforce Training.

(a) Economic: Improve community conditions and create jobs by encouraging investments in infrastructure and public works projects.

(b) Academic: Train people to work in different economic markets through internships and apprenticeship programs.

(c) Reward: Benefits vary based on the entity.

(d) Network: The network is composed of stakeholders that have a vested-interest in improving the viability of these underserved communities. It involves partnering with: healthcare professionals, law enforcement officials, educators, corporations, non-profits, churches, federal, state and local governments, and the people.

(e) In-Training: The goal of the plan is to improve economic outcomes by academically training people for a career, rewarding participation in the program and building a cooperative network between government, corporations and people.

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